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From business process consulting to full deployment: the steps we take :)

Requirement Gathering.jpg


Our first step of establishing a relationship is the first meet and greet. The first sit down will usually be a discussion of what your needs are in order to establish a point of attack. This will lead to proposing some business operations consulting, which in turn helps us gather your requirements. Some of our clients have a documented list of requirements that has been approved by the management team. But if that's not the case, don't you worry, our team will present you with a template of modules and features from which you can choose from.



When establishing your company, it happens when scaling too, it's not easy to see what part of your business needs the most focus. Through the consulting phase, we construct the foundation of the system infrastructure that is needed for deploying your ERP. Gathering the requirements, we then move to the next step of presenting a proposal, an offer that is supported by the analysis done on your business and a list of features to be added on. That will also include a pricing estimation.

Implementation and Deployment.jpg


This phase is the most important phase. When a consensus is reached, we will sign a licensing agreement that stipulates the use and ownership of the software. Consequently, a contract agreement will also be drafted, specifying the payment terms, implementation period and most important the 'dos' and 'don'ts' of both parties during the length of the contract. Then the production can commence, the iWork development team will use the 'agile' methodology to work hand in hand with your team members, offering a demo every 2-3 weeks (terms to be agreed upon). The implementation will have no deadline but a 'stop' date will be specified for reference. Once the team establishes that all required functionalities are good to go, you and your team will asses them and that will conclude the implementation.

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