Updated: May 24

With the growth of local manufacturing and the import boom, moving these goods to the end customer has never been more important. The recent years have transformed Ethiopia into a consumer driven nation and the more people consume, the more these goods have to move.

The cracks in Inventory and Logistics

Getting one product from one place to another seems easy enough. However, one of the harsh realities encountered by merchandising companies is the shortcomings when it comes to managing the stock and handling their goods. The merchandising business welcomes high volume and fast moving goods, making the management of these flows a real nightmare. Customers will order in bulk, pay in installments and at the same time, distributors rush to fulfill their orders and replenish their inventories. This process create a strain on operations and is a real blow to Finance when any type of accurate reporting is needed.

A system wide improvement

Merchandising is simply a collection of the following three components:

  • Sourcing goods in the wholesale market

  • Establishing long term relationships with smaller distributors

  • Fulfilling, packaging and shipping bulk items

Bridging the gap between these components can be challenging. With the Sparta ERP, users will b able to organize purchase orders in bulks, helping them manage those orders in different warehouses. With an all inclusive Inventory Management System, items will be segregated in batches and dispatched in smaller parts. Logistics will have a an easier time following the shipment requests with a seamlessly integrated status update bar. Purchase Orders (PO) will subsequently be changed into Sales Orders (SO) with the order creation module.

Stay steps ahead from the competition with Sparta.


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