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How to Save your Time and Money using Sparta ERP : Case study with Mekab PLC

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Many people couldn't believe that ERP can save you money.

Can ERP save your money business? In our experience, the answer is definitely “yes.” Enterprise Resource planning (ERP) software, used correctly, will drive savings in multiple categories of business operations. Once you get past the sticker shock, you will be amazed at how ERP can save, we took time and did some research in Mekab PLC to prove this.

The business of business is generating profits. That’s the bottom line!

But how?

One way a business can increase its operational efficiency is by integrating its operational systems into a single program. The software solution needed is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Here are specific areas where ERP can shine in your business:

✔ Information Transparency

Inventory Control

✔ Sales Management

✔ Improved Invoicing Process

Accurate Data Posting

Let’s see how an ERP software system can reduce operational and administrative costs in MEKAB plc by using actual data.

MEKAB PLC - Home of Zalash!

✔ Mekab plc is one of the largest cosmetic manufacturing companies in Ethiopia. Their business is vested in various sectors of the booming Ethiopian market. Their largest presence in the market is in cosmetics manufacturing where its home to the popular brand - Zalash cosmetic products!

✔Mekab Plc has created employment for hundreds of employees. It started its journey with just 30 employees. And now, it has grown to 300 dedicated employees.

✔Their products include Cosmetics, Hair Oil Shampoo & Conditioner Body Oil, Vaseline, and Body Lotion, Detergents, Liquid Soap Dishwasher Soap and Plastic moldings for most liquid products.

How can it save money?

How does use of an ERP solution translate into savings? In the big picture, it’s about operating more efficiently. ERP helps people work more quickly and accurately. Process automation cuts down on error-prone manual steps. Miscommunications about orders, inventory, logistics and so forth generally decline with the introduction of ERP

ERP makes people more productive. With people doing more work in less time, the cost doing business drops. Part of the productivity gain comes from the centralization of all business management processes into a single system. There's no more porting of data from operations to accounting software, and so forth

Time saving per Department

Overall, Sparta can improve

back office processes

by 77%

To conclude, Sparta ERP can save you both time and money and hence is an integral part of both small and large businesses alike to manage things better and keeping provisions open for future growth of the company. In essence, it features all the available options found in a legacy ERP solution and is way more advanced and feature rich when it comes to keeping a real-time track of the ongoing business deals under one roof.

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