In a time when delivering products has become more than just a luxury, the logistics industry has seen incredible growth even in a developing economy such as Ethiopia. Moving items is not a new concept and rudimentary approaches have served their purposes ever since the production of goods.

Relatable problems

The term "control" comes into mind whenever logistics is mentioned. It's very easy to grow and not notice the lack of control as the expansion pushes on.

One of the problems plaguing the logistics industry in developing countries is the simple lack of technological hardware. But that is changing, and it's changing the landscape of the business. However, the lack of hardware is only a small part of the issue. It seems that a good part of the problem lies in the inaccessibility of software to track moving inventory.

So tracking the inventory before it is shipped, packaging the items with the right unit of measurement (pieces, batch, pallets...) and sorting that incoming inventory are some of the big issues that we are seeing in this sector.

Where there is problems, there are solutions

Inventory is an asset that is sometimes taken for granted. Its management could be make or break for companies that are heavily dependent on it. As such, with the Sparta ERP Inventory Management module, you are able to assign SKUs, provide locations for items in the warehouse, track and maintain the receptions and withdrawals, establish a valuation method (LIFO, FIFO or WAC) and create a recording keeping template for every transaction.

The Logistics module is, as its name would have it, essential for the core business operation of logistics business. This module aggregates important data to give you real time tracking of your goods. Imagine having the driver's name, the vehicles' plate number, the manifest of the goods and its status at every check point.

With our reporting module, you can create a comprehensive analytical reporting that can be used for better decision making within the company.


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