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Recognition of BI developments with SpartaX

A few weeks ago, iWork Technologies was featured in an article as one of the top companies working in the domain of Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence.

Publishing the article was Data Magazine UK in an effort to showcase the advancements being made in the field. Other companies to be featured as well in the publication are Datance, Botana and, PDG Consulting.

SpartaX, a brand name of iWork Technologies, aims to revolutionize business applications. No longer are siloed operations tolerated. SpartaX will integrate with internal and external data sources to build a streamlined flow of your multiple business units.

Users will be able to analyze and predict what event or scenario from other units can trigger a change in their operations. By doing so, SpartaX provides organizations with a risk mitigating scenario. Best possible outcomes are then ranked while automation bots wait on stand-by to execute tasks.

Recognition like these are a statement of all the good work put out by the team at SpartaX.

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