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Go beyond just data

Think about all that data out there. Those you create (operational, conversational for instance) and those which are collected from outside your organization (weather, foot traffic, raw material pricing).

What SpartaX does is combine your operational data with outside sources to paint a more vivid picture of your business.

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BI or Business intelligence applications are getting to be more user-friendly. SpartaX is no different. 

Our no-code approach enables analysts within your organization to easily group data sets and build algorithms. 

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SpartaX lets you integrate with your trusted data repositories such as AWS, Snowflake, Databriks, BigQuerry, Cloudera, and more. Build, and deploy your machine learning models while using your workspace to see how they're performing. 

Play around with your data set with functions such as 'Combine' and 'Filter' for more dynamic models. 

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Once you aggregate all your data sets. SpartaX takes it a step further by enabling you to assign intelligent bots. 

Your bots will be on standby as long as the models you have to build have yet to come up with the best course of action. 

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